Sunrise Montessori School, Inc.

providing preschool, pre-k transitional and kindergarten programs since 2005

31 Hayward St., Suite J2  Franklin, MA  02038

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Why Choose Sunrise Montessori School?

Enrolling your child in a quality, early childhood program is an important decision as preschool is typically the first time when many children
spend a few hours each day with adults and other children who are not from their own family.

Parents who are interested in the Montessori method of teaching are encouraged to make an appointment to observe during a typical day. Montessori classrooms are very different from traditional ones, and a surprising find is that they are so calm and orderly; no children are seen running and yelling here. Montessori provides a stress-free environment for learning.

A wonderful and informative video has been posted on Youtube.
Titled A Montessori Morning, the video condenses the interactions and experiences of a 4 year old boy during a typical day at his school in Ontario, Canada. Similar scenes can be observed in Montessori schools throughout the world.   

Noteworthy facts and key elements of Sunrise Montessori School:  

• Low student to teacher ratio (approximately 6 to 1).   
• Highly qualified staff with many years of experience in Montessori classrooms. 
• Our school is a full member of both the American Montessori Society and the Montessori Schools of Massachusetts 
   and adheres to standards of quality education which meet or exceed those recommended by NAEYC.

• Sunrise has been recognized by the American Montessori Society for its commitment to the
   Pathway of Continuous School Improvement Program which supports member schools in their ongoing commitment
   to providing and sustaining quality Montessori programs.        
• A variety of programs to meet the needs of children and parents.
• A budget-friendly tuition schedule spanning seven months.         
• One of the lowest tuition rates in the Metrowest / Central Massachusetts area.   
• Rolling admissions during the year -your child does not have to begin only in September.
​   We will prorate your tuition based on your child's start date.
• Bright & open classrooms.  
• Age appropriate materials and activities which promote hands-on exploration, discovery and introduce concepts.
• Classrooms are comprised of mixed ages (2.9 to 6). This encourages social interaction with peers and individual learning
   without pressure.
• Emphasis is on cognitive, social, emotional and moral development.
• A safe, enclosed playground designed for young children.

• An active and supportive parent community.

• Satisfied and happy families. We've educated 290 students since 2005.
   Many families have enrolled 2 or more children over the years!      

• Close to the downtown Franklin area with convenient access to Rts 140 and 495.