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Sunrise Montessori Kindergarten Curriculum – A year full of activities

Sunrise follows the Kindergarten eligibility requirements of the town in which the student resides.

Our Kindergarten program allows each child to progress at their own pace and to continue to develop and grow with materials
and activities with which they are familiar.  Kindergarten students continue to learn and work along side classmates, but are often the role models for the younger children as they develop their leadership skills and their confidence grows.  Your child is already comfortable with his/her teachers and classroom environment.  The teachers have observed your child’s progress during his/her enrollment at Sunrise and held conferences with you to discuss your child’s accomplishments and goals.

The Montessori Kindergarten program offers an advanced math and language curriculum that is also hands-on and encourages exploration, self-discovery and provides opportunities for older students to practice their leadership role within the classroom.
It is also during this year (which, for many students, is their third year at Sunrise) that many children begin to master activities which are concrete and tangible because they have developed a sense of self confidence, routine and accomplishment during their first and second years. The concepts of comparison, sequencing, addition and subtraction are expanded as children learn about multiplication, division, time, money and measuring.

In language a child can strengthen their skills in comprehension reading, creative writing, Function of Words, i.e. (Grammar) and expand their vocabulary. Some children also become emergent readers during their Kindergarten year.

Additionally, Montessori Kindergarten programs explore science, geography, sensorial and practical life in a more complex manner. The environment (classroom, materials and lessons) expand as necessary in a gradual, sequential order as each child is recognized as an individual working in an educational environment designed to meet their needs.

Ample opportunity is provided for social skills as well. In addition to the Montessori curriculum of Grace & Courtesy, your child further explores interaction with his/her peers, conflict resolution and the importance of self-assurance. Students in their third
year at a Montessori school are comfortable as “mentors” to younger classmates. It is very common for an older, third year
student to present a “mini lesson” to a small group of classmates or to show a younger student how to work with a specific material.

Here is an overview of many of the activities and work that a Kindergarten student at Sunrise will experience throughout the year.

Geography Boxes – learning about the world around us Land and Water Forms. Exploring nomenclature cards and creating booklets.

Holidays observed throughout the year: Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day (completing a booklet on Abe Lincoln and George Washington), Patriot’s Day and Memorial Day.

Learning more about time – hour and half hour increments. Working on addition and multiplication with the Stamp Game.

Growing an Amaryllis – Learning parts of a flower and creating booklets with nomenclature cards. Measuring and recording growth each week; making a journal about our Amaryllis plant.

Study of Clouds – nomenclature cards – Concentration Game and Writers Workshop.

Earth Day – Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce; Supporting activities, books and songs.

Getting the garden prepared. What to plant; booklets and stories to help us plant the best garden ever.

Final booklet on what I liked best being a Kindergartener – what 1st grade will be like. What I hope to be when I grow up; things that I love to do.

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