A Sense of Community

Community Involvement is an important part of the experience at Sunrise Montessori School, and we embrace the idea that learning is a life-long process. Our programs strive to instill a sense of cooperation, community and courtesy in the classroom
and beyond.

Throughout the year students learn about Franklin, the surrounding towns, the state and the country; how they and
​their families can interact within their communities, help to make a difference and also share their enthusiasm for learning. 

Below are just a few of the opportunities that enhance our programs and promote community involvement.

                                                                                      Students and their parents planning, planting, maintaining
                                                                                      and ​harvesting vegetables and herbs in the Community Garden
​                                                                                      on King St., Franklin.​

                 Learning about fire safety with firefighters from
                 the Franklin Fire Department

                                                                      Delivering non-perishable items to the Food Pantry in Franklin

                                                                      More than 200 pounds was collected by Sunrise Families!

Delivering "peace roses" to our business neighbors
​in Moseley Mills during Montessori Education Week

Sharing Sunrise Montessori School with the community during our annual Spring Fair

Participating in the Harvest Fest, October 2016.

Sunrise is a proud member of the Franklin Downtown Partnership

31 Hayward St.  Franklin, MA  02038

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