Sunrise Montessori School, Inc.

providing preschool, pre-k transitional and kindergarten programs since 2005

31 Hayward St., Suite J2  Franklin, MA  02038

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Offering quality Montessori programs to Franklin and the surrounding communities since 2005!

Our school has come a long way since first opening its doors in September 2005 with one classroom, two teachers and six students.
Sunrise Montessori School was originally located in the Elemen-Tree House building on Upper Union St., Franklin, but within a few years, quickly outgrew the space. In September 2009 the school moved into its current home at 31 Hayward St., Franklin.

Our current space provides more than 3000 square feet of classroom area, an enclosed playground and ample parking.
Our 2 classrooms are generously outfitted with Montessori materials, activities and work space for the children.

Our classrooms 
The Montessori aspects of the classroom include:

Practical Life Exercises for promoting large and small muscle coordination, concentration and persistence to complete a work cycle.
Every exercise involves a sequence of events that encourage the development of logical thought and promotes control and coordination
of movement. Examples of these activities include pouring rice, the dressing frames and washing a table.

Sensorial Exercises for refining sense perceptions and relating basic space and dimensional relationships. By providing concrete
examples of concepts such as shape, weight and color, these materials allow children to explore and classify their world with their
senses. Exercises include the color tablets, the geometric cabinet and the pink tower.

Language Exercises for vocabulary development, phonetics leading to reading, prewriting, writing skills and basic grammar.
The classroom environment is a very social community and provides unlimited opportunities for language development, enrichment
of vocabulary and encourages self-expression. The language materials, such as the sandpaper letters and the metal insets, prepare
children for writing and reading.

Mathematics Exercises for concrete representations of quantity and operational functions. These materials provide children with opportunities to experience mathematical concepts through the senses. Children develop a concrete understanding of a variety of mathematical forms and functions through hands-on learning and manipulatives. Exercises include the number rods, spindle box,
beads and materials used for counting/sorting.

Science Exercises for introducing basic scientific procedures in problem solving, hands-on exploration of the processes and materials
in nature. The science curriculum offers a hands-on approach and exploration of areas covering zoology, botany and the physical sciences. Children are encouraged to explore, observe and record the natural world, both inside and outside the classroom. The curriculum is complemented by field trips to local apple orchards and farms.

Geography Exercises for presenting land forms and countries using clay, water and puzzle maps, etc... Introductory information on
plants, animals, land forms and cultures on Earth is presented. The children also learn about the environment around them
(Town of Franklin and their own neighborhoods and communities), as well as places near and far. Children begin to study the seven continents with the Montessori globes and puzzle maps.  

Art instruction introduces students to various media from simple drawings, colors, shades, etc... to more involved and complex
designs and projects, geared towards the developmental levels of the younger child. Music instruction is an integral part of the
Montessori curriculum. The various instruments, media and materials help to enhance the development of rhythm, coordination,
tonal relationships and harmony. Drama is an extension of role-playing and encourages self expression and imagination.

Cultural awareness is celebrated with food, dance and song. The Montessori classroom reflects the culture of the local
community as well as an introduction to the many cultures around the world. A wide variety of materials provides cultural information pertaining to geography, biology, botany, language, music and art.

Grace & Courtesy Exercises to support the child’s emotional development and awareness of their peers, teachers, family and
their environment. Role playing, learning how to share and interact with classmates, teachers and visitors, respect of self and others,
conflict resolution and the concept of personal space are introduced according to age appropriate levels.

Movement Curriculum is enhanced by our partnership with Sensation Station in the Hayward St. complex. Students participate in age appropriate weekly activities that encourage fine and gross motor skills, cooperation and fun.

Our safe, enclosed playground provides ample space for children to interact and explore. Age-appropriate climbers and slides
encourage growth in gross motor skills while the sandbox is especially popular for castle building and small-scale construction sites.

Children often utilize the space below the climbing platform as an ice cream shop, general store, play fort or quiet and cozy space
with their friends.  During the warmer months, ample shade is provided by the surrounding trees while the flat, open space has plenty of sunshine.  In the winter the children enjoy sledding down the small hills and creating snowmen.  

Our students & their families
Over the past 18 years, our school has welcomed students from several surrounding communities: Attleboro, Bellingham, Blackstone, Cumberland, Franklin, Halifax, Hopkinton, Medway, Mendon, Milford, Millis, Norfolk, N. Attleboro, N. Easton, N. Smithfield, Northbridge, Norwood, Plainville, ​Upton, Uxbridge, Walpole, Woonsocket and Wrentham.