Sunrise Montessori School, Inc.

providing preschool, pre-k transitional and kindergarten programs since 2005

31 Hayward St., Suite J2  Franklin, MA  02038

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​​Sunrise Montessori School Board of Directors

The Sunrise Montessori School, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors whose experiences and various backgrounds
provide a solid and knowledgeable foundation for the management and daily operation of the school.  Our board is represented by founding members of Sunrise Montessori School and by parents whose child(ren) are either currently enrolled or whose child(ren) previously attended the school.  With the exception of our Head of School, all board member positions are volunteer.

Each member commits to a three year term to serve the school. A representative from the parent community is selected annually and serves a term of one year.  Officers of the Corporation (President, Treasurer and Secretary) serve a one year term and are elected annually during the Annual Meeting.

​Our School’s mission is to encourage students' curiosity and love for learning, to guide and develop their independent skills and to prepare a classroom that will meet the needs of all children, according to the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, a pioneer in the field of early childhood development.

2023 - 2024 Board of Directors:

Syed Azhar, President
Urjita Jhurmarwala, Treasurer

Sue Roecker, Secretary

Andrea Rossick, Head of School

Susannah Barry, Parent Representative

Lindsay Fiorito
​Jacquelyn Gubka

Marissa May, Parent Representative​

Current or former Sunrise parents who are interested in serving on the Sunrise Montessori School, Inc Board of Directors are encouraged to contact Andrea Rossick, Head of School, for more information.