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Celebrating Montessori Education

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence." 
Dr. Maria Montesssori 

Learn first hand the positive impact that a Montessori education has made for our Teachers, Board members and parents.

I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy when I had the opportunity to volunteer in my son's Children's House classroom in 1999. I was astonished with the diverse curriculum areas and I was equally impressed with the children making their own work choices and focusing for great lengths of time on activities that they gravitated to.
​Also, I was intrigued by the idea of the Prepared Environment and I soon learned the amount of compassion and commitment my son's teacher put into preparing and setting up the class daily! From that time on, I knew that I wanted to further my career into the Montessori Method of Education. I believe Dr. Maria Montessori was a dedicated, life long learner and she paved the way for many, many people. I am grateful to have found the teachings of Montessori and for being part of a vast group of strong Montessorians - both past and present!
Andrea Rossick

​​My Montessori journey started when my daughter, Nidhi, was enrolled here at Sunrise. Growing up in India, there were many Montessori schools but I never knew the philosophy behind it. As my daughter went through the Children's House program, I was very intrigued by the Montessori teachings. With a traditional preschool teaching background, I soon after started working here as an Assistant teacher. The Montessori philosophy was very different, yet inspiring to me. I was impressed by the level of independence that I observed in the children and the major emphasis on "following the child" was brought to my attention. Each child is unique and with that comes new learning. I am still learning daily - it will never stop and it should never stop. I will always have a great appreciation for the Montessori approach to education!

Alka Pai

My journey into Montessori began 10 years ago here at Sunrise in the Afterschool Program and additionally now as a Classroom Assistant teacher. The Montessori method continues to influence my teaching style and the curriculum areas in the classroom and the method of education guides my preparation of projects for the afterschool program. I am  especially drawn to the Practical Life - Everyday Living skills such as pouring, tidying up after an activity, and the care of the environment that is taught daily and ultimately carried out into the students life. I also like the freedom within the Montessori environment that allows students to further explore and develop their interests!

Jessica Mucciarone

Like most parents, I soon realized the benefit of a Montessori education not only for my children, but the entire family as well. Both of my daughters attended a Montessori school (one for 5 years and the other for 3 years). Their classroom experiences taught them to be patient, observe the world around them, be kind to each other and their friends and to see things from different perspectives. Montessori encouraged them to ask questions, talk about their opinions, identify their favorite things and face fears. As they entered their elementary years, they brought these skills with them. They felt confident, willing to help their peers and retained the curiosity that encouraged them to try new things. My daughters are now young adults and successful in their careers. I know that the empathy and understanding they exhibit in their daily lives has its roots in their early education. This modeling of respect, patience and recognition that each child is unique, has helped us to form the close bond that we cherish.

Sue Roecker

After 20 plus years of teaching in traditional preschools and public school classrooms (K-3), I entered a Montessori classroom in 1998 for the first time. I can remember being so impressed with that classroom. It was so different from any other that I had ever been in - there were 20 to 25 children, and they were all working quietly on something. The environment was so clean and the shelves were neatly set up. The children knew what materials and activities they wanted to work on, and when they completed their work, they put the work back on the shelf for the next child to choose. What a wonderful concept of care and sharing, a philosophy that has lasted over 100 years. I highly recommend two books: A Peaceful Classroom and The Absorbent Mind. Both books provide a nice insight on Maria Montessori and the classroom. 

Karen Roeber